What We Liked

By Kristin Dyak

March 4th, 2016

What We Liked, March 4th, 2016. National Geographic Creative.

Keith Ladzinski captures nature like no one else. Here, he invokes a dreamlike landscape calling me to climb. The light shines through the mountain ridges creating beautiful shadows of smoke that fill the valleys with those heavenly sun rays.” – Stacy Gold

“Too often the Balkan nation of Armenia is cast in the shadow of it’s powerful neighbor Russia. The country always shines in Pink Parking, John Stanmeyer’s moody, mod night portrait of the streets of Gyumri, where he’s teaching a workshop on Storytelling and Social Media. His efforts give Armenian women an opportunity to create their own visual language with cameras.” – Julia Andrews

“I love winter, particularly when it snows. Even a dusting can transform an urban or rural setting into a magical place. Amy Toensing’s photo brings to mind the bird’s-eye view of snow-slicked sidewalks I have from my apartment windows. I always wonder who the lucky person was who had the unmarked snow to themselves, leaving behind a trail of footprints like the prints on Harry Potter’s Marauders Map!” – Lori Franklin

Karine Aigner spots this chameleon testing it’s balance as it makes it’s way across a road in Tanzania. I love the bold colors and textural elements in this image. Aigner has a great eye for capturing the personalities of various wildlife, and she doesn’t exclude Earth’s small creatures.” – Kristin Dyak