What We Liked

October 13th, 2017

Here are our editors’ favorite Instagram posts from our photographers this week.

Photo by Keith Ladzinski
"A cool fact about elephants is that you can identify weather they are right or left handed based on which of their tusks is worn down more. Tusks are used primarily for foraging and defense. On this bull here, you can see that his right tusk is more battered. It isn’t uncommon to see broken or fully worn down tusks on older elephants. Unlike antlers, they do not regrow once they are damaged or gone."
Photo by Ami Vitale
"Barbara Kingsolver wrote this so eloquently, 'When drought parches wells and streams, someone must carry water. When storms bring devastation and disease, someone has to nurse the sick. Climate change hits hardest on the planet’s vulnerable edges. If women hold up half the sky, what do we do when it seems the sky is falling?'"
Photo by Matthieu Paley
"I did a photo series of windows on the train crossing India. Hopping out quickly before the train starts again. Mostly men are traveling. Many of the people were from Assam province (north east India), returning home after working small jobs in Tamil Nadu (south), where they supposedly get a better pay. The train is mostly used by economic migrants, traveling for days to reach a place where they stay for months. Train is the cheapest mean of transportation in India."

Photo by Beverly Joubert
"Eclipse by elephant."