What We Liked

September 29th, 2017

Here are our editors’ favorite Instagram posts from our photographers this week.

Photo by Jordi Busque
"The red tajinaste flowers are found only in the Canary islands. I photographed this one under the Milky Way in Tenerife."
Photo by Rena Effendi
"Short-lived summer end rain in Tarlabasi, a multicultural neighborhood home to Istanbul's diverse communities of Anatolian migrants, Roma, transgender and now Syrian refugees."
Photo by Christian Ziegler
"The southern cassowary (Casuarius casuarius) is native to Papua New Guinea and Queensland, Australia. This huge flightless bird is an important seed disperser. More than seventy of Queensland’s native tree species, including the blue quandong (Elaeocarpus grandis) seen here, depend solely on cassowaries for seed dispersal."
Photo by Cristina Mittermeier
"At the crack of dawn in late September, the long-drawn ban on Galicia’s famed cockles is lifted and fifteen hundred men and women on foot and on boats rush to the cockle beds of Noia to get their share. Women like Cristina seen here sorting her catch, go by foot and they drag their clam rakes across the sandy bottom. Asleep and growing in the shallow waters of the estuary, the cockles have been protected by a ban that shelters them for several months in which no harvest is allowed and the small bivalves are allowed to reproduce and grow. Once the ban is lifted, the men and women of this small medieval-old village will converge every morning in the shallow waters for three hours a day, every day for three to four months to make a living from this delicious bivalve. This is an age old practice that has ensured the sustainable harvest of this small clam, but few places execute it more perfectly than Noia, where the community works together; the participation of women is valued and recognized as a profession; and the cockles are healthy, big, delicious and very, very valuable."