What We Liked

By Kristin Dyak

March 11th, 2016

What We Liked, March 11th, 2016. National Geographic Creative.

“I love this twilight view of musician Gregory Alan Isakov quietly playing guitar in a van. Keith Ladzinski gifts us this beautifully intimate glimpse at this special moment in time. I only wish I had actually been there.” – Nadia Hughes

“Pulsing freedom is in the fields, woods and water ways where children run uninhibited as dirt flies up in their wake. There is something to see, feel and experience in the wonders ahead. This image by Pete Muller exudes a precious energy connecting a boy and his landscape before age and society wrangle it away. My impending motherhood drew me to the spirit of this image and the joy of a universal moment.” – Ashley Morton

“I love the peacefulness of the skeletal trees hanging over a leaf covered road and against the blue sky in this image by Amy Toensing. It reminds me of growing up in Lake Tahoe and going on evening walks with my family.” – Gina Martin

Jonathan Kingston’s grainy black and white photograph of a swimming elephant has an otherworldly feel. The powerful animal seems almost weightless as it moves through the fog-like water. It brings to mind memories of swimming with my horse, another powerful animal, made weightless by water.” – Lori Franklin