Photo of the Week

By Julia Andrews

February 23rd, 2016

Photo of the Week, February 23rd, 2016. National Geographic Creative.

Photographer Heather Perry rarely stays on dry land for too long. In her own words, she’s happiest in, on and under water, a feeling that she successfully shares with viewers by infusing her photography with vivid colors, fluid shapes, and her sense of humor. This portrait of an open water swimmer in the frigid Atlantic waters off of Camps Bay, South Africa, is quintessential Perry. A powerful open water swimmer herself, Perry has convinced unlikely landlubbers to take the plunge and pose as her underwater subjects, including a dance troupe from a local college. Perry worked as an aquarist at Sea World after earning her degree in marine biology, but her career began in earnest when she started photographing freshwater eels. The route from eels to South African bathers has taken Perry around the world with her camera, on assignment for National Geographic Creative, mostly underwater.