Photo of the Week

September 27th, 2017

By Julia Andrews

Adam Ferguson is known for his images of war and under-served cultures. A frequent contributor to National Geographic and Time magazines, Ferguson’s photographs are simultaneously poignant and hard-edged. He shows the day’s news in a single tight frame. To shoot “Dogs of War” for National Geographic, Ferguson returned to an area he was very familiar with: Afghanistan. He had been covering the American military presence there for years. Illustrating the connection between soldiers and their combat canines was a good fit for the Australian-born photographer. Ferguson documented the demanding, often heart-wrenching, ordeals soldiers and dogs endure as they work to clear areas of land mines.

In this photo, Ferguson captures the moment when Army Staff Sgt. Cartwright orders his lab to sniff for explosives in a basement in Kandahar. This is an act that could mean life or death for both of them. Ferguson has received numerous international awards for his photojournalism. Ferguson delves into creating a war diary of his time in Afghanistan and a visual exploration of Australian identity when he is not on assignment.

Adam Ferguson’s war dog story and other work is available for licensing at here.